Why Use A Landscape Consultant Or A Landscape Architect?

As for your home, using a design office for your garden is access to the space you dream of while saving you a lot of pitfalls! Your landscape consultant draws for you a functional project, unique and original, adapted to your tastes and your lifestyle. You can find your landscaper consulting under the title of landscape architect when he holds the diploma of state, or office of study (in general when he works within a company of the landscape proposing different services).

His mission is the same: he advises you, carries out studies and draws plans. His qualities and qualifications: listening and dialogue, botanical and technical knowledge.

He accompanies you in all stages of the project, until the birth of your ideal garden.

How Is The Project Going?


During this first visit, your landscape consultant lists all the constraints and problems of your space. It identifies your needs, your tastes and your desires. You can upstream prepare the ground plan of your plot if you have one, and list your expectations and your questions, which will make a good breeding ground for this first discussion.

On-site, your landscape consultant, takes pictures and the measurements and records necessary for the realization of the future landscape plan.

Analysis, Proposals, Overall Plan

Back in the study office, your garden expert gathers all this information and mobilizes his knowledge of plants (about soil, exposure, climate …) and materials (wood, stones, concrete …) to study your project.

It gives a structure and a coherence to your garden: by taking into account the axes of circulation, the various spaces dedicated according to your needs (game, meal, relaxation, kitchen garden …), the particular problems (vis-√†-vis, slopes, seaside …), future maintenance.

He dresses and then people the design of your garden with plants adapted to the constraints of your land. While incorporating your identity, the garden style and the colors you want.

At the end of this reflection, your landscape consultant will draw you a personalized and harmonious project, in the form of proposals for development and a final overall plan on the scale.

Help With Choosing A Professional

Thanks to the plan, you can now move on to the next step: concretization! A measure to achieve by your means, or with a landscaper.

Whatever your decision, your landscape consultant guides you in choosing the nurseryman and craftsman (s). He may also recommend a company that will take care of the maintenance of your green spaces.

 Site Monitoring

If you have chosen to have the work carried out by a landscape company, your landscape consultant will follow you until the end of the project, ensuring the smooth progress of the work and compliance with the specifications. If you have chosen to carry out the planting and construction yourself, it accompanies you and advises you until completion of the site and satisfaction.